Telltale signs there is something wrong in the family home

Keeping on top of issues in your home is so important to protect your family. However, it’s often hard to spot there is a problem in your home. A lot of people miss vital signs that there is something wrong. Here are some telltale signs to look out for.

Family members are having allergic reactions

One telltale sign there is something wrong in the family home that needs fixing, is if your family are having allergic reactions. You may notice that family members are rubbing their eyes and suffering from a runny nose. If you find they improve when they leave the home, it could mean there is a problem with mould. You can experience allergic reactions if there is mould growing in your home. You should look around the house to see if you can spot any mould growing. Here is a guide to what you need to look for, as it’s not always obvious. If you do find mould, you need to get it sorted ASAP.

The wallpaper or paint is peeling

peeling paint

Another telltale sign there is something wrong in the home that needs fixing ASAP is if the wallpaper or paint is peeling. If this is the case in your home, it is a sign that your property has been affected by rising damp. You may also notice rotting timber floors and decaying skirting boards. You will need to call a company to come out and do some Damp proofing in your home. They will ensure it doesn’t get any worse.

The electricity keeps going out

An additional telltale sign that there is something wrong in the family home which needs fixing ASAP is if the electricity keeps going out. It can be frustrating when you find your home is in darkness as the circuit breakers have tripped. It tends to happen as the circuit is overloaded and it’s preventing wires from overheating and starting a fire. However, it could be occurring because the breakers are old and need to be replaced. It could also mean you have faulty wiring that also needs sorting. For the sake of your family’s safety, it’s best to get an electrician out to fix the issue ASAP!

Dark staining around or on appliances

carbon monoxide

Another telltale sign there is something wrong at home which needs fixing ASAP is if there is dark staining around or on the appliances. As we talked about previously, it is one sign that you have an issue with carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide poisoning causes 200 people a year to end up in hospital. It’s often odourless which means you won’t know you have an issue. Therefore, you need to watch out for dark staining around appliances and watch out for sooty marks on your walls. Also, keep a carbon monoxide alarm on near your gas boiler so it can alert you if there is an issue!

Remember to keep an eye on your toilet as well! If it keeps getting blocked, it’s a sign that there is a problem with your drains which needs sorting as soon as you can.


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