Tips for making your home safer for children

Every parent knows that keeping their children safe is one of the biggest challenges that any of us ever face. These little people seem to have a genuine skill for attracting danger. Protecting them is a constant battle, especially when it comes to the family home.

You can take control of the situation, though. These simple tips will help you to ensure that your children remain safe and that you remain sane.


Soften Sharp Edges

You can lay down as many rules as you like, but children will get excited. As a result, they will run around and attract danger. Unfortunately, young children aren’t only unstable on their feet, they are also at the perfect height to hit sharp table corners and other dangerous items.

One of the best ways to prevent these issues is to make smarter decisions. Running into a rounded dinner table will still cause a bump, but it should avoid serious cuts. This is something to think about when designing your kitchen countertops too.

If those products are already in the home, then you can modify them to prevent problems. There are plenty of soft foam solutions on the market. Problem solved.

Cover Electric Sockets

Young children are inquisitive. This is a good thing, but there are some questions that must be answered without first-hand experience. The danger of electricity is one of those lessons.

No matter how much you drill those lessons home, some children will still want to test those sockets out. You can stop this being a problem by investing in plug covers. This will leave outlets childproofed, which could potentially save their life. After all, it only takes a second of madness to cause a dilemma.

It’s simply not worth the risk.

make sure these are a snug fit, some of the cheaper ones are easy for determined little fingers to pull out.

Keep Harmful Products Out Of Reach

Consumption of the wrong products can potentially be deadly, but young children do not understand this. As a responsible parent, it’s imperative to keep medication and other products out of reach.

Buying products with childproof lids is a great foundation. However, you cannot rely on this alone. Keep them locked away in a cupboard. You would preferably make it a high one too to further reduce the danger.


If those products are made accessible, the children will find a way to get their hands on them. Prepare for the worst, and you should have no problems eradicating the threat.

Think About Fumes

Unfortunately, immediate dangers aren’t the only issue to consider. The family home can become filled with harmful chemicals. Finding ways to lower those emissions is a great way to protect the children. And it will help the environment too.

As with anything, it all comes down to making more calculated decisions. Switching to biodegradable cleaners can make a vast impact around the home. Using Any Lamp – fluorescent light solutions throughout the property will stop the release of toxic chemicals.

In addition to the health benefits, these changes can also save you a little money on your monthly bills. What more incentive could you ever need?

Make Bath Time Safer

Bath time is crucial for every child, but it can be particularly dangerous. For starters, being in water always carries a potential threat. Moreover, many children experience a turbulent relationship with this part of the day. This can bring added dangers too.

Therefore, finding ways to create a calm and positive atmosphere is vital. You can also use bath time as a chance to develop cognitive thought processes. It’s a fantastic way to help them grow. More importantly, it will keep them safe throughout one of the potentially most dangerous parts of the day.

Besides, making bath time a happy time will make life a lot stressful for you too.

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Prevent Big Falls

Children fall over. You can’t stop that. However, you must take precautionary measures to ensure those falls don’t become serious.

Adding stair gates and similar products will help childproof your property. However, it isn’t only the internal areas that must be considered. If the garden has any dangerous items such as ponds, swimming pools or prickly bushes, you must be prepared. After all, it’s impossible to keep track of the children on a 24/7 basis. Make sure you get into a routine of closing gates to your property if you have them and check that any guests, visitors or even the delivery drivers have done the same. We also pull a stair gate across the top of the stairs at nighttime in case the are any night time wanderers. 

As already mentioned, children will pick up bumps and bruises, this is a normal part of their growth and development. Nonetheless, you want to keep them protected from serious injuries. Preparation is the key. Maintain a clean, organised home, eliminate major risks and you should be just fine.

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  1. Fab tips! I still have a stairgate at the top of the stairs as I worry one of the little ones will fall as they go to the toilet in the night if they take a wrong turn whilst half asleep.

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