Common health problems in children

coping with anaemia

As a parent, one of your worst nightmares is probably to discover that your child has developed some kind of a health problem. Yet, this is something that you need to think about from the outset, as it is likely to affect every child at some point in their childhood. Disease and illness is a […]

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No dull days: the importance of vitamin D


What’s that phrase? Never a dull moment? When you become a parent that really starts to ring true. There is always something going on, you are always on the go, dashing around, busy busy. Then when your children get a bit older and start to get involved in activities and develop their own interests, all […]

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Coping with anaemia in children

dealing with anaemia

If you suspect your child has anaemia, get a proper diagnosis from a doctor before you begin treatment. Anaemia can be temporary or chronic, mild or life-threatening. It has many causes, and treatment depends on cause. Once your child has been diagnosed, there are many steps you can take to restore iron to their system […]

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5 tips for helping a child with a fever

high temperature

A child with a fever can be a really frightening thing for parents to deal with. Normally, a temperature higher than 37.5°C (99.5°F) is considered to be a fever. You will learn what your child’s ‘normal’ temperature is and therefore you’ll also know when they are hotter than normal. If your little one is sick and […]

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