Adding personality and character to your decor

Getting your home decor right is essential if you want an enjoyable place to live for you and your family. Sometimes, there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with your home decor, per se, it just lacks something that should always be there – personality and character! You don’t want your home to appear soulless. Here’s how you can add some much needed personality and character to your decor!

Display Objects With A Story

Make sure you display objects with a story in your home decor. This means putting things up, like your collections, showing off your hobbies, or making a display of holiday souvenirs. Use your home decor to show guests a little about yourself. This could be where you’ve holidayed in the past few years, or how you like to spend your spare time.


Make Things More Meaningful

Make things more meaningful in your home decor. Use things that you’d usually stow away for safekeeping. If you have something that always reminded you of your grandmother, why not find a way to display that in your home decor? If you have a walk in wardrobe, maybe you could display a vintage dress of your grandmothers on a mannequin. You could even add more meaning to your home decor be selecting a theme that you love and sticking to that as you design it.

Show Off Your Loved Ones And Good Times

You want people to know that you live in this house, so show off your loved ones and good times with pride. Put up pictures of your family and friends. Show off memories where you were all having fun! This is a lovely way to personalise your home and make it a happier place.


Add Unusual Accessories and Furniture

Unusual accessories and furniture make a huge statement. Everybody needs a statement piece or two in their home decor, and you find inspiration on a site like the You could select something that has an unusual shape or color, and make it the focal point of your room. Remember, there’s no reason you should match all your furniture either. Buying pieces from different collections can still work really well and make for a more interesting look.

Include Your Favourite Colours and Patterns


While neutral decor can be easier to build on, and can definitely make it easier to sell your home, including your favorite colours and patterns can make your home look even better. If you love polka dots, why not include a wall of polka dot wallpaper, or some polka dot cushions to enhance your sofa? You could even choose some contrasting colours you like to make the room stand out even more. You can include as much or as little as you like depending on your style and preferences.

Use these tips when you want to add some much needed personality and character to your decor. Don’t forget, every home needs lots of different textures too. Bear that in mind when selecting your furniture, souvenirs, and accessories!


  1. I love the white against the patterned paper- you really can make anything look good if you paint it white like this -its a great idea

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