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Having children can feel like a constant challenge, we try to cram in so much and tick so many boxes that sometimes time simple runs away with us. Childhood itself is filled with so many magical moments, especially when your children become increasingly physically active and start to enjoy the great outdoors, becoming aware of everything around them. It is so lovely when little ones become excited about their surroundings and in awe of things, as grown ups we perhaps take for granted. Amid all the fun and frivolities of exploring, it’s important to have peace of mind that your child is eating healthily and trying new textures and flavours.

These two little boys haven’t been the best of eaters since they hit the toddler stage. As babies they breast fed well and frequently and they began trying new foods and textures with enthusiasm. They were fairly easy to feed as babies, they would give most things a go and eat well most of the time.

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Eighteen months for both of them marked the start of the fussy eating phase, which I’ve talked before about on the blog. As parents, we just want our children to eat well and when we feel that doesn’t happen you can feel both frustrated and concerned. It is those exact feelings of course, that you can’t show to your children because once they sense that is how you feel it becomes even worse.

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Part of the way to help us through this phase (and yes…I am still hoping it is a phase) is to have plenty of healthy snacks around. Whilst we all wish our children would sit beautifully at the table every time they eat something, family life isn’t like that and sometimes you just need them to eat something, wherever they may be. On the beach, jumping in muddy puddles, in the pushchair, in the car, or any other adventure – snacks you can have on the go are an essential part of parenting in my view.

Developed in response to the needs of real mums and dads, Aldi Mamia’s award-winning 100% organic baby and toddler food range starts at just 59p, and includes fruit and savoury pouches, fruit pots, rice cakes, and flavoured spring water – ideal for at home or on-the-go.


Not only are these snacks a great price but they are perfect for on-the-go snacking. The rice cakes are a favourite with the boys, providing of course they can hold the bag! They don’t ever have just one rice cake, most of the time at least half the bag goes at once but with these 100% organic snacks there is nothing wrong with that. The pouches are perfect as the boys have been able to be totally independent with them since they were quite small. As parents we are used to mess aren’t we, but these pouches mean that at least some of the time we are mess-free. The boys love the novelty of sucking straight from the pouch without any need for a spoon or bowl and I love the fact that I can pack a few in my bag or the car and always have something for my fussy little eaters to munch on. Knowing that these are full of organic fruit and veg is an added bonus.

You can keep little ones hydrated with the Aldi Mamia juice as well, which comes in bottles that older children can easily use with a straw and for younger children you can just decant it into a cup, again perfect for on the go. The range is also perfect for family travel.

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For cleaning up spills, nappy changes or emergency potty stops whilst out and about Aldi Mamia produce a fantastic range of wipes, nappies and nappy sacks. These odour neutralising Nappy Sacks are a convenient and hygienic way to dispose of babies’ nappies and any other rubbish you generate along the way and they are only £0.89 for 150 pack. I tend to keep these in the bathroom upstairs, in a storage unit in the playroom and in the car, so I always have things to hand when I need them.

How to you manage on-the-go snacking? Have you tried the range?

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