Take a break

Why don’t you take a break someone said to me the other day?

I had a little laugh inside…

Being a parent can feel a bit like a never ending treadmill sometimes, especially when you are combining that with working as well. When I worked for the local authority I was an eat at my desk sort of person and didn’t take a break – I know so many others who do the same. When I began working for myself it didn’t change really, I never really just stop.

As much as sometimes I would like to press pause just to dash around catching up with a few things, I try not to get too snowed under with thinking about this. I’m quiet organised and swear by a good list and my online calendar with reminders keeps me on my toes too!

Taking a break for me would be 20 minutes to lie in the bath or do a workout DVD. I’m not really a tea and cake and put my feet up sort of person but everyone is different and I am more than happy to serve tea and cake to everyone else and make sure they take a break.

What do you do to take a break? Do you have a cake and tea rota at work? If you work at home, how do you make sure you take a break? Do you have a favourite tea and cake? I am more of a hot chocolate and flapjack sort of person to be honest…not very British.



Are you a tea taker or a tea maker?

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