Snacks to travel with

snacking on the go

We don’t have to be going far for me to pack the snack bag. Sometimes I’ve only driven down the road when someone shouts “can I have a snack?”. With four little, people it doesn’t take them long to empty the bag either. When we go on holiday the snack bag quadruples in size. Flying […]

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3 must-try activities in South Africa

family travel to South Africa

If you’re looking for a holiday destination that will wow your whole family, it’s hard to beat South Africa. With its spectacular scenery, abundance of wildlife and impressive variety of cultural attractions, it has plenty to keep adults and children entertained. To give you some ideas if you’re planning a family vacation to this sun-soaked […]

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Speed cleaning

Cleaning isn’t something many of us get excited about. Often, we like things to look and smell clean but object to the amount of time it takes us to get that ‘clean’ state, and the amount of time this takes away from doing other things we want and need to do. Some get around this […]

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Travelling with children: part seven

With the school holidays nearly upon us you might have begun thinking about how you are going to keep the children busy whilst you are travelling. If you are a regular reader of the blog you might recall that I wrote about the busy bags I prepare for each of the children when we travel […]

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No ordinary school run

Our school run is different every day. After loading the four children into the car and checking for the third or forth time that we have everything we need, we set of on our magical mystery tour. It is so entertaining for us all because we just never know what we will see on the […]

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