Birthday cakes

gruffalo cake

With all four children’s birthdays between May and September I feel as if I spend around half the year planning and then making birthday cakes. I normally ask the children what sort of cake they would like and ‘who’ they would like on their cake. Of course, when they come up with something really intricate […]

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Questions without a reasonable answer


As a parent do you ever say things to your children and think what you’ve said sounds a bit rubbish in terms of an explanation? Perhaps if they ask a question or ask why something is how it is and you say “just because”. I hate those moments really, the ones where you know that […]

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Take a break

Why don’t you take a break someone said to me the other day? I had a little laugh inside… Being a parent can feel a bit like a never ending treadmill sometimes, especially when you are combining that with working as well. When I worked for the local authority I was an eat at my […]

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Alternatives to chocolate

As much as I don’t mind the children having some chocolate and as much as I love Easter, I have to admit to having a stomach churning feeling having seen some photos on Facebook over the weekend of all the chocolate some children have had. Honestly, some photos looked like a chocolate shop. When did […]

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