Creating a Productive Haven: Building Your Garden Office

garden office

As remote work becomes increasingly popular, the idea of having a garden office has gained traction as well. The prospect of working amidst nature, with the soothing sounds of birds and a beautiful view, can be incredibly appealing. In this article, I will explore the steps and considerations involved in building your garden office, a space that combines productivity and tranquillity.

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Home printing needs

photo printing

If you are anything like us, you can’t manage without a colour printer at home. Between work, school homework and projects and general day to day household stuff we really need a good printer. If it can photocopy and scan then so much the better and if it can work across the WiFi, from a […]

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Working in comfort

office chair

For over 20 years now I have struggled to sit for long periods or even sit comfortably at all. Following on from a horse riding accident and a tumble off a school trampoline, my neck and back were not amused. Carrying four babies, four overdue babies, four lots of breastfeeding and 10 years of carrying […]

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