Weaning on the move

Weaning can be a messy and fiddly business. I have said before how fantastic I think Ella’s Kitchen pouches are for travelling and also for trying different foods out with your little ones before making a huge batch of something homemade that they hate.

Like many parents though, where possible I like to make my own.

The practicality of the pouches is a massive advantage and was always the downside of making my own years ago. I was thrilled to discover squeeze n fill a while back and quickly purchased a set.

At the time, I thought the idea was quite frankly genius. However, over time I have noticed drawbacks of the method. You can’t quickly produce or fill large quantities and it is quite messy and time consuming. In addition to this, the pouches are hard to clean properly.

I was therefore really excited to discover what I think is a more simple but all around better method  – SuperSquish.


These pouches are so quick and easy to fill from a zip seal in the bottom of the pouch and also so easy to clean. They wash really well in the dishwasher which makes life loads easier.


The children find them easy to hold for self-feeding and they hold more than the fill n squeeze pouches as well.


Rather than mess around with a plunger and a small quantity of food at a time, you can now mix up a big quantity, pop it in a mixing jug, pour into the pouches and then seal them.

Straightforward, homemade food on the go!

What are your tips for weaning on the go?

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  1. Oh wow I haven’t seen these. I had seen the fill and squeeze but though t hey looked a bit to fiddly for me. I’m off to investigate these ones. Thanks for linking to #weaningwednesdays

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