The Rucksack Mama

Years ago before I had children I recall looking at mums out and about with their children and thinking that there appeared to be different ‘types’ of mums.

There would be the ones who didn’t look like they’d ever had a baby, perfect hair, perfect nails, heels, sunglasses, oversized handbag, posh coffee in one hand and posh pram or well-dressed child in the other.

Then were the ones without the heels and nails, who had the latest baby bag in place of the oversized handbag, who still seemed to be nailing motherhood.

Then there were the rucksack mums. The rucksack mums always seemed to have loads of children, were dressed down and wearing ‘sensible’ shoes.

The Rucksack Mama

I swore to myself that would never be me. I didn’t know what type of mama I’d be, but I wasn’t going to be a rucksack mama.

Fast forward many years and four children later and I am a fully fledged rucksack mama. The fact is, that when you’ve got a few children, a rucksack is the way forward. Super practical. You can throw in everything you may or may not need and still be hands free to hold onto children.

The Rucksack Mama

You can also easily still carry children on your hip or shoulders with a rucksack on. None of these oversized handbags falling off your shoulder as you try to carry a child as well, or balanced on the top of a pushchair.

I’m sorry to admit it to my former self, but rucksacks are absolutely the way forward.

rucksack mama

I may not have my nails done. I may not have salon fresh hair. I may not have the latest designer gear but I’m actually at my happiest in my gym gear, wellies or trainers, rucksack on and little ones in tow.

You can’t have the adventures we have in heels with a handbag anyway.

The Rucksack Mama

What sort of mama are you?

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