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Why we love toddlers

Toddlers, we love them right? Yes, of course they can be hard work, exhausting at times even, but this period of development is also so fascinating, heart-warming and thoroughly entertaining.

We get so excited when the first word comes, whatever that might be. We are probably hoping it’s “Mummy” or “Daddy”, but if it’s a sibling then that’s cute too. We just hope it isn’t “poo” or “no” or worse, but of course that’s perfectly possible.

As the words start to flow, everyone gets excited, waiting and wondering what the next few words will be and then when they start to string them together, well that’s the really cute bit! Their own special sentences that make perfect sense to them and you of course will learn very quickly as well. These new sentences are often accompanied by furious actions to help us thick parents understand.

“I need more Daddy mwah” – meaning, I need another kiss from Daddy

“Babby my poorly fingy” – meaning, the baby (whoose name I refuse to say) hurt my finger

“More weeee, more weeee, more weeeeeee” – meaning, I’d like to watch more Blaze and the Monster Machines

“More [inserts fist into mouth]” – meaning, I would like more milk….now!

“My do it” – meaning, I can do it myself

“My [inserts fist into mouth] ding Mummy” – meaning, Mummy I would like my milk warmed in the microwave at your earliest convenience….now!

“Three, three, three” – despite counting the stairs everyday, they are all called three

“Pip Pip Hooray” – meaning, hip, hip hooray of course!


Gradually, language and sentence structure develops. Sometimes this seems to come overnight and suddenly you aren’t able to say anything without it being effortlessly repeated over and over again.

The ‘cute factor’ often accelerates at this point and you find yourself saying “say…….” , just so you can hear it again and maybe try and capture the moment on video.

“More Woody, come on, come on” – meaning, hurry up Mummy and put Toy Story on again

“Babby bite my finger, tricky Babby” – meaning, the baby (whose name I still refuse to say Β MOST of the time) bit my finger and he’s really tricky

“I need my slinky doggy” – meaning, I need my slinky dog of course

“More toothpaste please” – clear as a bell

“I need my blue boots” – no problem!

“Wow! A red tractor” – wow indeed

“Look, a blue bike…two blue bikes” – I wonder how excited we’d be if we saw three?

“A green bowl please Mummy” – Ah, how polite…

“Alright, alright Mummy, I’m coming” – said with utter exasperation

“Let’s make cookies” – yay, come on little chef!

“Daddy tickled my tummy, tricky Daddy” – he is quite tricky!

“No coat, no shoes, no car Mummy” – of course, I forgot, you are a toddler

“I need more ice cream” – of course you do, just nothing else right?

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen” – yes! at last, counting the stairs everyday since you were born has worked!

Oh and the one you dread….

“Oh…my…god Mummy!”

Oh how I will miss this age…LOVE TODDLERS!

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