Little green fingers: part seven

If you have been following our ‘little green fingers’ series then you will know that this school term we have been part of a gardening club at school.

One afternoon per week I have been taking the babies and meeting up with the big kids and we’ve been getting busy in the gardens at school.


It has been quite the field-to-fork learning experience for the children and they have had so much fun.

After planting and caring for all the vegetables over the weeks we were finally able to buy them at the school fair and take them home to eat.


The satisfaction the children get from knowing they grew these things is lovely and they tasted really good too. We’ve had potatoes, purple sprouting broccoli and leeks, all of which were lovely.



We are hoping garden club carries on next term.

Do you grow things in the garden to eat at home? We’d love to know what works well.

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