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There has been a bit of a fitness theme on the blog lately, inspired by my recent marathon and also the new mums fitness campaign that Kiddicare are are supporting.

Everyone’s fitness goals are different and I recently outlined my own here.

Taking the plunge and getting started can be difficult, but what if you had a helping hand? I’m not talking about a personal trainer following you around the local park giving you a series of challenges…I’m talking about something to guide you and keep you on track via your smartphone or other personal tracker device.

I have been using ‘Goodbye Baby Bump’ by Kiqplan along with the Fitbug.

Goodbye Baby Bump is designed for post-natal women who have been given the all clear from their doctor to begin an exercise programme. It contains exercises that are safe to do, not too exhausting, and will help the body recover from labour and the postural and physiological changes that occur during pregnancy.

The workouts are divided into four phases. The first phase is a very gentle workout using light weights to get the upper and lower body used to exercising again. The exercises are simple to perform and include a gentle core section designed to switch that core back on. The second phase builds on the first, and includes slightly more challenging exercises and heavier weights.

The third phase is a total body circuit workout designed to enhance overall body tone and increase fitness levels whilst not being exhausting. Finally, the last phase is a PHA (peripheral heart action) circuit which will get the blood pumping around the body, maximising calorie burn, increasing fitness levels and help to shift some of that stored body fat.

In relation to the Fitbug, I really like knowing how many steps I’ve taken each day and how many calories I’ve burnt just by going about the daily routine. It is quite nice to know that my daily routine with the children takes up over 15,000 steps, without making any extra effort. I haven’t managed to get the sleep feature to work, which is a bit disappointing and I find it quite frustrating that you have to activate it when you go to sleep, I feel like it should just know when I’m asleep and when I’m awake. The wrist band, although comfy to wear comes off quite easily. I found that it didn’t take much for it to get hooked and pull off.

The Kiqplan app itself is really useful, with some great exercises that are easy to include in your everyday routine. You can sync the two, however you have to register twice separately which seems a bit odd.

We have a Goodbye Baby Bump to give away to one lucky reader – just enter below.

Good luck!

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