Celebrating mothers

There is a job available and there are millions of vacancies for it all over the world – want to know more?

  • It’s a hugely important job
  • Your job title will be ‘Director of Operations’ but that doesn’t really do it justice
  • Mobility is important, you will be constantly on your feet, bending over and crouching down – you will need excellent stamina
  • The hours are unlimited and you will need to be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • You can work from any location in the world, providing you take your work with you

Still interested?

  • There are no breaks available
  • You will be required to have excellent negotiation skills
  • You will need a degree in at least: medicine; finance; psychology; and preferably performing arts, and if you have a teaching qualification that would also help
  • You will need to be an experienced dietitian and keen chef
  • You will need to be able to work in a chaotic environment and not be distracted by the noise in the office
  • You must have a sense of humour
  • Can you multitask? That is an essential requirement of the job

Still interested?

  • There are no holiday days from this job
  • Sick leave is not available
  • There is no one to take over if you become pregnant, so you will need to continue your job, no slacking, no excuses
  • Job satisfaction is likely to be high but you will not always receive positive feedback regarding your performance
  • Some days you will feel like a failure
  • Some days you will be on top of your game
  • Some days you probably won’t know what day it is

Still interested?

  • There is no salary

What do you mean you aren’t interested?

There are millions of people doing this job already all over the world….mothers!

So hug her a little longer, squeeze her a bit tighter, kiss her more often and know that she does everything because she loves you more than you can comprehend.

Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy your day!


Inspired by the #worldstoughestjob You Tube video

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