Cryotherapy: a healthier alternative to dealing with pain in pregnancy and early motherhood

Pregnancy and early motherhood can cause all sorts of pains and general discomfort. Lower back pain is common during pregnancy, as the weight of the baby begins to take its toll. Sciatic pain is also really common during pregnancy. All of my babies had a habit of settling in right on to of my sciatic nerve and it could be mighty uncomfortable at times, especially during late pregnancy.

Carrying the weight of a baby and then a toddler on my hip most of the time also took its toll. Your hips end up in all sorts of funny positions and over time that can cause aches and pains.

safe pain relief in pregnancy

It doesn’t end after the baby is born. Breastfeeding through the night, sleeping in odd positions and carrying extra post-baby weight can all cause pain and discomfort for mamas.

I’ve never been one to knock back the painkillers but during pregnancy and breastfeeding in particular its important to be careful about what you do take.

Deep Freeze, the UK’s number 1 selling freeze brand presents an alternative option during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Scientists have proven the health benefits of Cryotherapy – cold therapy – provides a healthier alternative with improving one’s mood and mental state (inflammation has been linked to depression), while numbing sharp muscle pain. The NEW DEEP FREEZE PAIN RELIEF GEL provides mums with a drug free alternative while instantly relieving pain.

safe pain relief in pregnancy

When you are a busy mum you need to be able to just get on with things without pain or discomfort holding you back. Deep Freeze offers long lasting pain relief patches, which are perfect for areas like the lower back. You get up to 12 hours pain relief with these beauties.

Pain Relief Glide on Gel is great for popping in a bag and works on most areas of the body so you can carry on with your day. The Pain Relief Gel is amazing for foot pain, also common during late pregnancy as our poor feet take the additional weight of the baby.

healthy mama

Cryotherapy is a great alternative to painkillers and helps busy mums get on with their day without the aches and pains that accompany motherhood.

Have you tried it?

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