The benefits of construction play

the benefits of construction play

Construction toys in my view are a must for any home, playroom, or child-focused setting. Children learn faster during their early years than they ever will again – you only have to think about all the developments that go on from the day they are born until their first birthdays to realise that. During their […]

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LEGO fans listen up…

Are your children LEGO fans? I have a love/hate relationship with the stuff myself, if I’m honest. I do think it’s the greatest construction toy ever and I love how engrossed the children get in building it, but I curse when I tread on it and have been known to threaten to suck it all up […]

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Building your dream house

When I was 8 my parents purchased a plot of land in the southwest of France with the intention of building a house. It had been a dream of theirs for a few years to restore somewhere old, but after searching for some time, they were unable to find something suitable in their price range. […]

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