Funny travelling memories


As a parent it is impossible to travel light. Each time we go away I think I am going to take less…we won’t REALLY need it all…and then this happens… Now, it would be easy to blame the children wouldn’t it? You have children, you have more ‘stuff’ simple right? The thing is, that whilst […]

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It’s never too early to plan

It’s January, so that’s time to plan a summer holiday surely? It’s never too early to plan and I’m starting to think the new ‘last minute deal’ is actually booking in advance, so there’s no better time. You can make some great savings booking this time of year. Club Med have a 15% off deal at […]

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Holiday planning

Are you the type of person that plans holidays way in advance or the type that loves a good last minute bargain? I love the idea of trying to pick something up last minute, but every time I have tried, I’ve been disappointed with either the price or lack of options. Any pointers? This has […]

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