Understanding Household Moths And How To Deter Them

moths in the home

Though tiny, house moths and their larvae can severely damage clothing, food, and furnishings when left unchecked. Understanding which moths commonly infiltrate homes, which mistakes enable infestations, and proper prevention strategies is key to safeguarding a home. Here you can explore the typical household moths, errors that invite them in, and techniques to deter moth destruction without the use of harmful chemicals. Awareness of their vulnerabilities allows for proactive protection against these persistent pests.

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How do You Know if You Have a Pest Problem?

There are many types of pest from the furry kind to the creepy kind and we all tend to have a natural aversion to them. People are scared of mice because for 1000s of years having pests around us is known to be a bad thing. These days the thought of rats in our house is even more awful than perhaps it was 2000 years ago and if we have children it pushes the levels of revulsion up even more! But how do we know we have a problem; does it matter and what do we do?

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