National Stationary Week with Stabilo

writing and drawing

I had an interesting conversation at the start of this week – I was sat next to someone who was filling out a form and after every couple of words she would stop writing and wiggle her fingers. She was laughing at herself and telling me how she hardly ever wrote anything anymore, so when she had to write more than a few words it made her hand ache.

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Halloween Creative Fun


It’s that time of year again! That’s right – Halloween is here once again. Ten years ago, Halloween wasn’t really a major event in the UK, but as time as gone by families and households seem to make more of an effort to embrace this traditional, American holiday! Our absolute favourite thing to do at Halloween is […]

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Helping with homework

Homework – whether your children love or loathe it, most of them have it and it can start coming thick and fast at quite an early age. One of the things we can do as parents to help with homework and ease any pressure children might feel is to equip them with the right tools […]

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