Supporting young people through their GCSEs

mum kissing teenage daughter on cheek

GCSEs are well under way now, after a half term break young people across the UK are hopefully feeling refreshed and ready for ’round two’. My daughter has seven exams left to do now, meaning she’s over half way through. She’s pleased that the remaining exams are all a bit more spaced out, in that she doesn’t have any other days with two exams in one day.

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A Parent’s Guide to GCSEs

As a parent, it can be difficult to know how to best help your child prepare for their GCSE exams. However, there are many ways you can support them during this stressful time and relieve some of the pressure they are under. Even if you are just making sure they are eating breakfast on the day of an exam, the smallest help can make a difference. This guide discusses the top ways to support your child on the run up to and the day of their GCSE exams.

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