Cleaning with Ocean Free

Since COVID-19 appeared in our lives, we’ve all become more conscious of the need to keep our hands sanitised and our surfaces disinfected. Now, I was really conscious of this before anyway – I was the person who took antibacterial wipes into hospital with me when I had my children, and, I’m also the person who gets excited when a new scent of disinfectant comes out!

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Anti-bacterial slime

Throughout 2020 and into 2021 we’ve seen a greater focus on hygiene than ever before, children have been encouraged in school, at home and when they are out, to regularly wash their hands and also hand sanitise. Now there is slime that can help!

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Protect your family from colds this winter

family health

The Winter Cold Seven out of ten parents believe they have been responsible for passing a cold onto their children, it has emerged. A study carried out among 2,000 mums and dads with children aged three to 16 found a large percentage believe they’ve given colds to their children – with dads being the worst […]

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