Protecting your family from Flu this winter

flu vaccine

It’s that time of year again when doctor’s surgeries open up their doors for specific Flu clinics to vaccinate all those considered most at risk as winter approaches. In an interview with GPOnline, Andrew Green, clinical and prescribing lead for the General Practice Committee has urged doctors to step up preparations for a possible flu […]

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Dealing with a reluctant drinker

dealing with a reluctant drinker

As a parent, one of the most stressful things can be a child who won’t eat, or drink or do either. We spend our time as parents trying to do the best for our children and one of those things is trying desperately hard to ensure they eat and drink well. When you’ve spent time […]

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A new approach to dealing with eczema

Eczema can be a miserable condition to deal with and you can try multiple products before you discover one that works for you. Two of the four children have suffered with eczema and whilst it hasn’t been something that has covered their entire bodies as with some cases, it has been hard to manage and […]

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Back to school: part one

How did it get to the end of the school holidays already? Are your little ones back at school already or do you have a few days of the holidays left? Perhaps it is their first term of school ever? If so, there will be lots to look forward to. What is your child’s attendance […]

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