New Year Routines

kettle bell

Happy New Year everyone! New Year is that time of year where many people start to look towards new goals, some making resolutions, many that won’t be kept for more than a couple of weeks, maybe a couple of days even. It’s that time of year you see gyms offering discounted memberships, detox programmes are […]

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Winter skin and hair care

winter hair and skin

Since having children I’ve really noticed a change in my skin and hair during the winter. The moment the temperature drops and the heating comes on my skin gets dry and flaky and my hair seems dryer than normal. My hands and shins are always the worst affected parts but there is an all over […]

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Tea and weight loss

slimming tea

The internet is flooded with ‘incredible’ ways to make weight loss easier, although I’m still looking for the miracle! Those which work might either help to ‘mould’ your brain or stomach with the support of a healthy lifestyle. Some of the unhealthy practices obviously include smoking and excessive drinking, having too much fatty food, drinking […]

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Maintaining your families’ health


Life is a lot easier when everyone enjoys good health. Looking after your own health is one thing but taking good care of your family and keeping a track on the health of several people at the same time is something different entirely. We can’t account for everything and sadly we can’t prevent everything BUT […]

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Addressing the metabolism killers


The thing I have learnt about metabolism is that it is changeable. This means that it won’t be the same your entire life and crikey it could even alter from week to week depending on what is going on in your life. Now there are lots of things that have been written about how to […]

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Winter wellness

I’ve always been a fan of supplements and always like to explore the alternative approach to an allergy or condition. I’m also a particular fan of vitamin c and echinacea in the winter months. Winter is creeping up on us and that often signals the beginning of cold and flu season. For many, the change […]

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Memories of Japan

Whilst I was at university I had the opportunity to study Japanese as an additional subject. I jumped at the chance as it really appealed. It was a small group and we had a lovely teacher who was very patient. At the end of the first year there was a trip to Japan. It was […]

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