Greenhouse 101


Freshly picked homegrown tomatoes are unbeatable, as anyone who has tasted them will tell you. If you are unlucky enough to only have tried tomatoes from your local market, sooner or later you will realise how great it is to have your own greenhouse. Before you buy a greenhouse, let’s review everything you should know.

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Building a Miniature Greenhouse

This is a great way for children to discover the magic of plants and gardening. This brilliant kit includes everything young botanists need to take their first steps into the world of gardening. Seeds can be grown year-round. This kit includes everything needed to take care of the plants, and a colourful instruction guide.

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The benefits of having a greenhouse

grow your own veg

There are multiple reasons why having a greenhouse is a great idea. Once you have got one, you can turn your gardening hobby into a full-time passion. No matter if you spend hours on end gardening or just a few minutes a day, having a greenhouse is great for anyone who loves their plants! One […]

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