Your children, your responsibility

your children, your responsibility

A hot topic One of the common discussion topics between parents is about the time they have planned away from their children. You hear it all the time, normally when parents are talking together. Lots of parents discuss the rough weeks they’ve had and how much they are looking forward to a night off from […]

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Family-friendly furniture

family-friendly furniture

When I’m considering furniture, the primary decision is always how family-friendly it is. Our children are little whirlwinds, so anything that doesn’t seem child-friendly doesn’t get a look in normally. Considerations There is so much to think about when deciding if a piece of furniture is family-friendly. Does it have sharp corners? Is it the […]

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Storage Solutions: Giving Clutter A Home

storage solutions

When you have children in the home, slowly but surely their toy collections build up and up. Suddenly the home is littered with possessions, items, toys and other technology and gadgets. It’s a nightmare when you have to clear up the floor and furniture. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time and you have to just […]

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