The benefits of planning


“Plans are useless, but planning is essential” – General Dwight Eisenhower Planning is something I have always done. I’ve done this for as long as I can remember. Planning helps me to structure my thoughts, see my goals and generally be more productive. Although I have never wavered with regards to the importance I place […]

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Top travel destinations for 2016

Do you enjoy travelling? Perhaps you like a good family adventure? Have you planned your holidays for 2016 yet? If not, why not check out Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2016. It is jam packed with some super ideas for travelling, including some surprise places you might not have considered. Here are some of the […]

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The benefits of learning a second language

How many of you speak a second language? How many of you are completely bilingual? Perhaps some of you readers speak three or more languages. I loved learning languages as a child, French was the most natural for me as we spent a significant amount of time there whilst I was growing up and that […]

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