Are you a fan of the F-word?

wearing flats

Hectic day with the children? I’m used to that routine. It’s those early morning starts, the rushing to get errands done, plenty of after school clubs and extracurricular activities to arrange and chaperone, then straight on to cooking dinner, cleaning up, homework and still trying to fit my own work in during the evening. Well, […]

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Choosing the right family car

volvo xc90

Sponsored Post Choosing the right car for your family will be a really personal decision. Every family is different and has different needs, so your choice of car needs to meet those needs. If you are struggling to decide, have a look at for some ideas. There are loads of things to consider and […]

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Things to do in Kent with the family

Things to do in Kent

When I think of Kent I can’t help but think of the white cliffs of Dover. As well as them being a British icon, they are also a childhood memory of mine. For years, I travelled with my family backwards and forwards across the channel to France, and those white cliffs are a vivid part […]

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