How to help sport-averse kids become more active

Generally, young children are naturally physically active and are constantly moving around, whether that be on the playground at school or in the house – typically – right before bedtime. Most little children have a type of energy that’s enviable to parents and adults but this can’t be applied to every child, especially as they get older.

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Nike Leads the Charge


Nike is quite an apt name for the company that now dominates the global sportswear industry. If the ancient Greek goddess of victory was around today, it’s a sure bet that she would have been supported the company that derived its name from her. There is little doubt that she would have considered wearing a […]

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The benefits of skipping for busy mums


Skipping – one of those things I did everyday in the playground at school and something that my daughter has also done since starting school, carrying a skipping rope in her bag most days and even being entered for a school skipping display last year. Skipping however is way more than a playground activity. It […]

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Keeping children hydrated

Keeping little people hydrated can be a challenge sometimes. I have always found it hard myself to drink the recommended intake of water each day. I can tell if I haven’t drunk enough as I get a headache. The children have busy schedules, especially my big girl, who does pretty much every activity going. She […]

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