Water Babies: teaching children to swim safely

baby swimming

Many parents can’t wait to sign their children up for swimming lessons because not only is swimming a fantastic form of exercise but it’s a valuable life skill. Being able to swim lessons your child’s chances of drowning as well as increasing self-confidence and their muscle tone at the same time. However, depending on how many […]

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Learning to swim: understanding children

swimming lessons

Learning to swim is such a vital life skill in my opinion. Swimming lessons are something we have insisted that all the children have. They have been free to choose what other activities they do but we said that learning to swim was not optional. Fortunately they all love the water so it hasn’t been […]

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A Canadian holiday cheat sheet


Have you ever considered Canada as a destination for a family holiday? Canada is a beautiful country and a popular choice for families, but before you part with your heard earned cash, make sure you know exactly where you are going and what you will need for your break. Destination The first thing most people […]

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