Top tools to rent when doing DIY

You can rent almost anything these days from handbags to hand tools. However, some items are more cost-effective to rent rather than buy. Here are the top tools to rent when doing it yourself. We’ll also explain why it is better to rent these particular items per use instead of buying them.

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Five minute fun: day two


At home I am always trying to make the regular things in life or normal conversations into learning opportunities and fun activities. 5 minute fun really fits in with my approach to parenting so I’ve decided to take their 7 day challenge with the children and will be sharing the activities we try. So – what […]

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Handy helpers


I love coming across useful gadgets or gizmos that facilitate family life. You know, those handy helpers that make you think “where have you been all my life?” Things that have multiple benefits and uses always get the gold star and my new favourite that fits into this category are Doddle Bags, available from Lakeland. Just […]

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Home maintenance checks for spring

home maintenance

With summer just around the corner, it’s a good time to complete a few home maintenance checks. The bad weather causes many problems which can escalate if left unresolved. As part of your spring cleaning, go through the following checks and repairs to avoid costly fixes in the future. Boiler As well as regular checks, […]

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Travelling with children: part four

If you’ve been reading the blog lately, you might have read our articles about travelling with children. If you missed them, you can read part one here; part two here; and part three here. Feeding children when you are away from home can be a bit of a challenge but with some careful planning and […]

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Potty training: part one

Potty training can be one of those things parents look forward to and dread in equal measure. Potty training signifies the onset of a greater independence and development in your child and a huge cost saving for you – no more nappies. However, it isn’t a quick process normally and getting through it can be […]

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