Family Festival Essentials


This week we are heading to Camp Bestival. It’s the first time for us so I’ve been doing a spot of reading up and having a really good think about what our essential items might be. I can’t decide if I am going to return from four days at Camp Bestival completely zen, or having […]

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The “helpful” toddler


Toddlers love to help. I have two little helpers who love the vacuum cleaner, polishing, dusting, wiping and sorting out washing and drying. My two little shadows watch me doing things and the little chorus comes “can we help you Mummy?”. Most of the time they are really great at all this stuff and we […]

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Lighten the load

lighten the load

For busy families, the amount of washing that has to be done every week can be immense. For families like ours where everyone does lots of different activities and spends a lot of time outdoors this increases. As well as the normal day to day washing of clothes and weekly washing of towels and bedding, […]

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Winter warmers for your little ones

With autumn here now you might have started to think about what your little ones will be wearing during the colder months. I love autumn and winter, I love the colours, the smells of bonfires and all things Christmas, and if we are really lucky the crunchy crisp snow and frost underfoot. Accessories are a […]

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Can green clean?

What is your approach to washing up? Do you wash by hand or have a dishwasher? If you wash by hand, do you have a set washing up liquid that you buy or do you just buy whatever is on offer? We do have a dishwasher but there are quite a few things that we […]

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