Footwear for those in-between days


I always have a bit of a problem with footwear. I get a bit frustrated on those in-between days as I’m more comfortable with extremes when it comes to footwear. Snowy days These are my absolute favourite days. I love footwear for snowy days. I’m all about the warm boots and fur-lined cosiness. I love […]

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Footwear for warmer months

summer feet

I’ve always loved wearing boots in the winter. I’ve also always loved wearing flip flops in the summer. I’ve never been all that keen on the in between stage though. Last year my in between stage was Converse pumps and I guess I’ll do the same again this year. Flip flops are my favourite but […]

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Festival footwear


In preparation for Camp Bestival I’ve been thinking about appropriate footwear for everyone. Trying to predict the weather and also what we will be up to during our time at the festival. I decided that we can’t possibly manage without our wellies. Who goes to a festival without their wellies, or in our case, six pairs […]

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