Creating a delicious garden


This time of year is always so exciting if you are a food fan. It is the best season to get out to the garden and start preparing all your early summer crops. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the perfect vegetable plot or if you even have any plot at all. You can […]

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Protein shakes

tips for smoothies

Are you wanting to increase the amount of protein in your diet but looking for things other than lean meats, fish and quinoa? How about upping your protein levels, hydration and increasing the number of fruits and vegetables you eat in one day in one easy to make shake or smoothie? Sound good? Sound easy? […]

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Kiwi and banana smoothie

I recently shared a juicing infographic with you, which contained some handy tips for juicing as well as lots of facts. I have been experimenting with a range of juices, smoothies and milkshakes recently, using Riverford organic fruit. Riverford stock a range of fruit specifically for juicing that can be delivered directly to your door. […]

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