The benefits of good gut health

good gut health

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately about the importance of good gut health. I also had a fascinating conversation with my sister-in-laws father, who is a pharmacist, about healthy guts and the knock on effect of a gut that’s a bit out of sorts.

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Back to school with BioCare

back to school

After the long summer holidays getting back into a routine for school can be a bit of a mission for everyone. Energy levels can be low, immunity is challenged and it can be difficult to relax in amongst all the stuff that has to get done. The school holidays can leave you a bit frazzled […]

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Sky high bugs? Staying immune with Sambucol

long haul flights

Whilst jetting off on a summer break leaves us all feeling excited, don’t let the nasty hidden germs of the air cabin dampen your holiday mood. Research from Insurance Quotes shockingly found that a plane tray table can contain up to 11,595 fungal cells per square inch. Compare that to a toilet handle at home […]

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Bugg** off bugs!


Pretty much every year by mid-February everyone you speak to seems a to have had all sorts of bugs. Over the last couple of months I’ve heard people say their families have been hit by all sorts including: heavy colds, tonsillitis, slapped cheek, flu, chicken pox and those non-specific viruses or vomiting bugs. By this […]

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Winter wellness for preens and teens

I wrote recently about winter wellness and the need to give ourselves a boost this time of year. As part of that, I suggested giving children a hot drink of elderberry syrup mixed with water. However, an extra boost doesn’t hurt and this winter and Holland and Barrett have a range of vitamins to keep your preens […]

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