Buying toys online? Try

Have you ever shopped at Maqio before? In 2010 this store began selling online, before opening up their first shop in Buxton in 2011. I only discovered them recently, much to my frustration, as they have so many lovely toys, crafts and games at super prices.

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What are the most popular toys today?

popular toys

What were your favourite toys as a child? The toys I remember playing with most were My Little Ponies, Keepers, LEGO, farm animals and my bike. I did have quite a My Little Pony obsession at the age of about four years old. My dad challenged me to swim across the other side of the […]

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‘Build it’ at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre

LEGO tower

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester have launched the Ultimate Imagination Build Off Challenge, to prove whether or not creativity fades with age.  They have launched the challenge with a short film. To put this to the test and to fuel the imagination of kids through play, LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester has set the build off challenge.  As […]

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Ideas for LEGO storage

LEGO plane

LEGO: love it or hate it? It’s common for parents to have a love/hate relationship with LEGO. On the one hand it’s this incredible construction toy, with multiple learning opportunities, inspiring children of all ages to create things beyond their wildest dreams. One the other hand it is also an instrument of torture, that clogs […]

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