Gift ideas for creative children


If you have creative children gift buying can seem a little easier as you can always buy art and craft supplies, sketch books, paints, gel pens and so on and normally find something that they will enjoy. It’s nice though when you come across gadgets that can help them explore their creativity in different ways. […]

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Personalise your gadgetry

Smartphones, tablets and laptops are common place these days and with busy lives and children who want to get their hands on these, we need to have cases to protect our gadgets. You can of course purchase the standard cases for all these things but sometimes these can be a tad too dull so why […]

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Preserving memories: Part three

If you have been reading the blog lately you might have seen our series on preserving memories. This is part three in that series and this time we will be focusing on printed cushions, something that I have been wanting to get done for quite a while now. We have already looked at how to […]

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