Supporting Skin Confidence in Children

We here the phrase a lot don’t we, the importance of feeling comfortable in our own skin. This can mean very different things to people though. It can mean feeling comfortable within yourself and how you look, it can mean being comfortable with your size and shape and so on – for some people though, this can literally relate to the comfort or discomfort that they get from their skin.

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Hair and beauty treats for summer

summer beauty

I always think it’s really lovely to take a few new beauty things to try when you go on holiday. Even if you aren’t actually going away, the summer months can be a super time for a spot of experimentation. There are loads of new beauty products around at the moment but here are just […]

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Multi-purpose beauty products

When you are a busy mum on the run the prospect of using multiple beauty products every day is neither practical nor achievable. In my view, products that can be used for multiple purposes are much better. This not only makes life easier on a day-to-day basis, but also when travelling. When you are travelling […]

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