Transitioning to high school

be brave, be bold, be you

Moving on and dealing with change Moving onto the next stage of their education can be a daunting process for both children and their parents. This can also be a really exciting time however, and with some careful planning and organisation, lots of talking to your children, and more importantly lots of listening on your […]

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Music for little people

The music from the top rated animated CBeebies TV series, Kazoops was released last week. Children’s TV producer, Cheeky Little Media, released ‘Just Imagine – Volume 1’ on 28th October. A total of 20 songs from the popular Kazoops series are included in this first album, and digital service providers will include iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, […]

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I’m a Tyrannosaurus

I'm a Tyrannosaurus

There’s no intended double meaning behind the title of this, although, if I was a dinosaur I’d probably like to be a T-Rex to avoid being eaten. It’s all gone a bit dinosaur crazy in our house over the last six months. The three boys love all things dinosaur and the little ones have become […]

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