Home interiors: what’s your style?

fairy lights

When it comes to home interiors many of us have a particular style and ‘look’ that we go for. What’s your interior style preference? Perhaps it’s minimalist, or maybe industrial. Maybe you prefer English garden, or even Scandinavian? Do you go for a more luxe style, or are you more into French country? If none of […]

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September sunshine


A couple of weeks ago I remember complaining about how quickly the summer had passed by, and then September hit and I expected it to get all wintry and it hasn’t. Quite the opposite in fact. The boys have been to school in shorts, no one has needed a coat and the children’s summer wardrobes […]

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Summer style for mums

maxi dress

We had a couple of weeks of glorious weather recently which was very welcome indeed. We certainly made the most of it with various days out, as well as loads of time in the garden. There were even a few meals eaten outside which was a bonus. This last few days however been pretty awful weather […]

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Developing individual style

Are your daughters, or sons even, starting to become interested in style? Do they like to pick out what they wear? Do they have an opinion on what they think looks good and what doesn’t? Do they have a preference for certain colours or fabrics even? Do they prefer to wear their hair a certain […]

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Winter warmers for your little ones

With autumn here now you might have started to think about what your little ones will be wearing during the colder months. I love autumn and winter, I love the colours, the smells of bonfires and all things Christmas, and if we are really lucky the crunchy crisp snow and frost underfoot. Accessories are a […]

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What’s in your makeup bag?

Do you have a favourite makeup brand or are you a what’s on offer sort of person? Perhaps you buy a brand that suits your skin type? Aside from the compulsory Bourjois black mascara, I have always been quite flexible when it comes to which make up brand I buy. That might have just changed… […]

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