How to spot a witch


I fell in love with Roald Dahl books a very long time ago. Each book had me captivated by the end of the first paragraph, something which I consider to be a real skill. As a parent, I now get to live these adventures all over again. As every Roald Dahl fan knows, real witches […]

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“Let’s make something Mummy”

A friend told me that these are the words that send shivers down her spine – in fact she told me that crafting is banned from her house “they can do all that at school” she told me. Now as much as the timing of these requests is often not always ideal, and as much […]

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Family-friendly days out: part eight

Welcome to part eight of our series on family-friendly days out. For this we stayed fairly local to us and visited The Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay. You can spend a lovely day learning about many rare and endangered species from Britain and around the world including Snow Leopards, Chimpanzees, Red Pandas and Sumatran […]

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