“Ferry across the Mersey”

It’s years since I went on the Mersey Ferry, which is daft really as it is only 45 minutes from us. I asked the little boys what they wanted to do today and was told that they wanted to go on a boat. Serves me right for asking. Then I remembered about the Mersey Ferry […]

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Little designers


Do you remember Spirograph? Did you ever have one as a child? I remember a friend buying me one for a birthday gift one year and I loved it. The good news is these kits are still around and they are better than ever. These are a classic way to create amazing designs BUT these […]

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A crafty Halloween

With half term upon us we have been doing lots of craft, and with Halloween fast approaching much of this has been themed around that. We seem to have had a run of bad luck on coloring things lately. Crayons snapping, pencils constantly breaking and felt tips drying our far too quickly. This week we’ve […]

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