Detoxing teas

miss fit tea

There have been some quite shocking reports from a range of media outlets over the last few months about the dangers of detox teas. Instagram is a wash with before and after pictures of people using a range of detox teas and insisting that these teas are the way forward for weight loss and to […]

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Summer detox: skincare guide

detox your skin

This is a guest post by: Peter Minkoff who writes over at Voice Boks, The Voice of Parenthood For us parents (or parents to be) it sometimes feels like the weight of the entire world has been placed on our shoulders, with no intention of ever letting us stand up straight again. So many commitments, […]

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The benefits of detoxing

I have been interested in the benefits of detoxing for a long time now. Whilst I have gone through periods of cutting things out and I have tried things like detox teas I have never got around to doing it with more gusto. Part of this is because each time I’ve thought about it in […]

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