What is a Child Tracker Observation?

To anyone unacquainted with the idea of Early Year Foundation Stage monitoring, a child tracker observation has the ring of something unpleasant – an overly stringent teacher keeping tabs on everything a child says or does, rather like a nosy neighbour, constantly peeking through the curtains to tut and disapprove of normal childhood games and fun! But in fact, the truth is much more useful, and all but invisible to the child, when done right.

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5 Best Educational Toys for Toddlers

play and learn

If your baby is growing into a toddler, you might be looking for some new toys which will hold their interest and keep them learning and developing as they play. Here we have rounded up some of the very best educational toys for toddlers aged 1 – 3 years old, so you can find something which will challenge and entertain them, and will transform playtime into a fun learning experience.

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Educational gifts for Christmas

nerdy blocks

We are almost into December and the momentum is gathering towards Christmas in many homes. Gifts are being bought online and in-store and preparations are well underway. The Christmas adverts are all over the place and have been around for a few weeks now and I even heard Christmas music on the radio on the […]

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Learning with the Teletubbies


If you hadn’t noticed already, 2016 saw the return of the iconic Teletubbies brand and a new television series on CBeebies. Our youngest child LOVES the Teletubbies, with Po being his favourite. He loves the catchy theme tune and sings along, identifying all the characters and talking about what they are all doing. Character Options has […]

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