Cool gadget gifts for children

moff band

A cassette player or a Sylvanian House just isn’t going to cut the mustard when it comes to kids’ Christmas gifts anymore. Long gone are the 80’s and 90’s! All our cute and simple toys have been replaced by flying drones, awesome apps, smart technology and high-tech sound. Even if you have a touch of […]

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Gift ideas for the man in your life

gifts for men

Father’s Day, birthdays and Christmas; buying presents for the men in your life can be difficult. Anyone who has been in this position knows that finding the right gift can be a real challenge. Of course, when you get it right, there is no better feeling. Nothing saying ‘love’ quite like a perfectly chosen gift […]

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Movie nights made easy

We love movies in our house, especially ones that we can all watch together for our family movie nights. Some of our favourites recently have been Paddington and Big Hero 6 as they appeal to everyone and keep everyone engaged. We’ve even had grandma rolling around laughing to Paddington when she came to stay. Have […]

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Useful travel gadgets

travel gadgets

When we travel with the children I am always on the lookout for useful things to make life easier and help us to have a home from home. If I can find things that serve multiple purposes then that really helps with the packing, like our recent ski trip to La Plagne with Crystal Ski. […]

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More than a milk bottle

milk bottles

You might have read my article recently on moving from breast to bottle, you can find yourself trying all sorts of bottle types when you are trying to make the switch. Many look the same and make the same claims, but really it is just about establishing what works best for your little one. Once […]

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