Family walks: why they matter

family walks

Do you and your family walk together? It’s one of our favourite things to do as a family. The children don’t call it walking though, it’s always “we’re going on an adventure”. We love our adventures, and we’ve walked miles and miles as a family. Here’s why I think family walks matter.

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Fun Activities to get the family outside this Autumn

get outside in Autumn

During summertime, when the weather is scorching, it’s easy to persuade everyone to get out into the open air and soak up the sunshine – but when things begin to cool down a little bit, you might find that your family becomes a little more reluctant to venture outdoors. Which is a shame, as this is a time of year when the outdoors can be most inspiring, beautiful, and fun!

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Choosing your child’s first bike

choosing a first bike

What sort of bike? Choosing your child’s first bike can be a really exciting time, a bit of a milestone moment really. No more tricycles, no more ride-ones, this is real big kid stuff. Your child’s first bike is one of the toys they’ll remember well into adulthood; so many memories will be made as […]

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