Top 5 funny gifts for children

funny gifts for children

Gift shopping for children can be such a mixed bag over the years. Sometimes there are almost too many possibilities of things to get and you have to try and balance what to give them between birthdays and Christmases. Perhaps there are some specific things children have asked for, perhaps there are things they really […]

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What’s new? Toys for pre-schoolers

toys for pre-schoolers

Toys: the good, the bad and the awful Over the years since I first became a parent I’ve seen a lot of toys. Some great, some alright and some utterly shocking ones. I’ve bought some things for the children that have lasted for years and a few things that haven’t lasted much more than five […]

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Create your own popsicles


The children love to make things. It doesn’t matter if it’s a craft activity, baking, cooking dinner, or just making a slush, they just love creating things. This week they’ve been making popsicles with ChillFactor Pull Pops . They are so easy to make, simply pull up the liquid you want to freeze (like a large […]

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The magic of the Lion King

The Lion Guard

The Lion King has always been one of my all time favourite Disney movies and it is one of the children’s as well. A few years ago we took the children to see the stage show when it was in Manchester. Hands down it’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen on the stage. […]

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