Back to school with BioCare

back to school

After the long summer holidays getting back into a routine for school can be a bit of a mission for everyone. Energy levels can be low, immunity is challenged and it can be difficult to relax in amongst all the stuff that has to get done. The school holidays can leave you a bit frazzled […]

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Dealing with a reluctant drinker

dealing with a reluctant drinker

As a parent, one of the most stressful things can be a child who won’t eat, or drink or do either. We spend our time as parents trying to do the best for our children and one of those things is trying desperately hard to ensure they eat and drink well. When you’ve spent time […]

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Clever chocolate milk


I’ve spoken before on the blog about dealing with fussy eaters and how hard it can be when little ones eat very little or very little variety. I have also spoken quite a lot about the value of supplements in helping families through these periods. Little bodies and brains grow and change so fast that they […]

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Back to school: part four

Welcome to part four of our back to school series. Term is well underway now for most of us. Have your little ones succumbed to any bugs yet? Already some of the children at school seem to be having days off for illness. Not only is this miserable for the little ones and you, but […]

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Chickenpox awareness

You might have read our post a while back on Chickenpox: Being prepared  – if not, you can read it here. The first ever Chickenpox Awareness Week will take place from 4th – 10th May this year. Supported by Care, the number one brand sold into UK pharmacy and makers of ViraSoothe Chickenpox Relief Cooling […]

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