Singing in harmony


For their birthdays this year, two of my boys received amazing Star Wars toys from a friend of mine. Now these were pretty amazing anyway but then she told me that they interact with each other…which obviously the boys absolutely loved. They’ve had so much fun with them already. It seems that there are all […]

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The benefits of character toys

Does your child have a favourite TV character? Who is it? Peppa? Dora? One of the Teletubbies? Fireman Sam? Or something else? Do they have toys that match these preferences? How educational do you think these toys are? I wrote recently about encouraging creativity in children and how character toys that already have personalities and names […]

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Language barriers and midwifery

Many of us will have travelled to a country where we didn’t speak the language. How was it for you? How did you feel? I speak reasonable french, basic Spanish and basic Japanese but when I went to Germany I hated it. I hated it because I couldn’t understand anyone and I couldn’t ask anything. […]

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