The “helpful” toddler


Toddlers love to help. I have two little helpers who love the vacuum cleaner, polishing, dusting, wiping and sorting out washing and drying. My two little shadows watch me doing things and the little chorus comes “can we help you Mummy?”. Most of the time they are really great at all this stuff and we […]

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Cosy gear for tiny tots

I love winter.  I love getting all wrapped up and heading outside.  I’m not a fan of the wind and rain but the cold is fine with me. It is important to make sure tiny tots are cosy during the chilly weather though, and what works for the car seat might not work for the […]

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How do you shower with little ones?

Now, if your morning routine consists of just having to sort yourself out then this will seem like a totally alien post to you. If, however your morning consists of having to get yourself and several small people up and out of the house by a very fixed time then you may be a little […]

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